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CrossFit and Pregnancy

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Is CrossFit safe for someone expecting?

You want the best for your baby and so do we! CrossFit can be a great fitness program to follow while you are pregnant.

Here's what you need to know

Did you know working out can be very beneficial to your pregnancy?

Some benefits include...

  • Reduction in backaches, constipation, bloating, and swelling

  • Prevention of gestational diabetes

  • Increased energy

  • Improves sleep

  • Easier labor

  • Easier time with weightloss after baby is born

What should I do when I find out I'm pregnant?

First and foremost, consult with your doctor. Every pregnancy is different, so make sure your doctor approves of your fitness regimen while you're pregnant. When your doctor gives you the okay, you need to tell your coach(es) right away. We understand that prior to the 3 month mark, most people do not tell anyone. However your trainer should know right away! We need to make important modifications to your workout to keep you and your baby safe! If you don't want every coach knowing about your pregnancy, at least tell the one you see the most. All our coaches at CrossFit 267 have helped multiple moms stay safe in workouts during their pregnancy. We're more then happy to help you and we will keep your secret safe with us.

CrossFit is intense! Won't that be dangerous for my baby?

As long as CrossFit is something you've been doing, it's something you can continue. We do not recommend starting CrossFit if you are pregnant. The great thing about CrossFit and pregnancy is you always have someone there that is knowledgeable about the movements you can do and can adjust any workout to make sure it is not too intense for you and your baby. We can make sure you are moving in a healthy way and keeping your heart rate at a reasonable rate.

What should I do differently?

The movements you can do will change throughout your pregnancy and your body will mostly be the guide for that. From the start you should stop lifting for max weight. Your coaches will have an idea of what changes you should make in the weight you lift. Also from the start you should stop ab movements like situps and kipping.

As you go through your pregnancy, the movements you can do will revolve around your body. You might have to work off a box for burpees and pushups. You might have to use a dumbbell instead of a barbell. As time passes the things you might be able to do may change.

Always watch your heart rate. Make sure you can have a conversation while working out. Don't be surprised if a coach stops you mid-workout and asks you to tell them a story! We want to make sure you're not pushing your heart rate too much.

Drink plenty of water! Hydration is very important and necessary to avoid overheating!

Most importantly... listen to your body. There will be days where 20% of what you used to lift feels like 100%. That's your body telling you today is not your day to lift. Opt for body weight movements or light cardio instead.

Feel free to ask us any questions if you plan on getting pregnant or are pregnant.

Please consult a doctor before starting an exercise routine.

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